Carson Guns and Training
A Carson family, owned and operated business!

Randall Brooks

Owner, operator, and Primary Instructor Randall Brooks is an NRA Appointed Training Counselor (this means he can train responsible individuals to be NRA Certified Instructors). He is also a Certified NRA Instructor in multiple disciplines & Chief Range Safety Officer, NV & CA Approved CCW / CFP Instructor, IALEFI Master Instructor Graduate, CA DOJ Certified Firearms Instructor, NV P.I.L.B. (Private Investigators Licensing Board) Approved C.F.I. (Certified Firearms Instructor), and Refuse To Be A Victim Regional Counselor.

• Randall started in the firearms industry in the 1990’s selling handguns, then transitioned to working as a Range Master and instructor at a indoor shooting range in Sparks, NV. He later joined the Sparks Constables office as a sworn peace officer. In addition to his normal duties, he was also their Range Master (Firearms Instructor). When the department closed in 1998, Randall returned to the private sector.

• Recognizing a need for highly qualified and safe firearms instructor in the Carson City area, Randall started Advanced Firearms Training & Consulting in 2012. With more than two decades of firearms training experience, Randall brings a well rounded approach to firearms instruction. Randall has designed and conducted training courses for shooters of all levels, including children, teens and adults, Civilian, Military, and Law Enforcement Officers. Having been a CCW permit holder since 1996, Randall uses his unique background to tailor his training from a civilian perspective.

• In all training events, Randall ensures his students are first and foremost, comfortable and safe with their chosen firearm.

“If you are not safe / comfortable swinging a hammer at a nail you can easily smash your thumb, if you are not safe / comfortable with your firearm much worse can happen. Train with our team to be comfortable with your firearm. Our class sizes are limited so my students get the full attention they deserve. You won’t be just a number in my class.

I truly feel it is everyone’s responsibility to be safe around firearms. If you are going to own, posses or use a firearm be sure to get the proper training. You don’t just get to buy a car and start driving without someone showing you how to put the gas in and operate it safely, why would you not get proper training for a firearm?”

Randall is also a Certified Armorer for Glock and Smith & Wesson Firearms. 

Associate Instructors & Store Staff

John Linn

John, has been with Carson Guns since we opened our current location back in 2016. He is currently the President of NNIDPA (Norther Nevada International Defensive Pistol Association), and a member for more than 16 years. In addition, John is certified as an IDPA Safety Officer. He is also currently Certified as a NRA Pistol, Personal Protection inside & outside the home Instructor, Certified Range Safety Officer, and Lifetime NRA Member Nevada approved CCW Instructor.

John and Cat Orfield are both NRA Certified Instructors & Range Safety Officers and John is additionally certified as an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. Both are also NV approved CCW Instructors. Together, they have taught and coached family and friends over the years. Now, through Carson Guns they have been given the the opportunity to share their experience and enthusiasm with the general public.

John, a retired medic fireman, has been involved in the shooting sports since he was a child. He is a competitive shooter (USPSA and IDPA) and self-taught gun tinkerer. With his many years of practical experience, he is eager

to pay it forward and share his passion for all things firearms related.

John’s favorite student, Cat grew up in a family that did not own any firearms. Through John, she became interested in the shooting sports and loves the fun, challenge and camaraderie of competition shooting. She retired from teaching after 32 years and is excited to share her knowledge of shooting with people who are new to firearms, especially women.

The Orfields volunteer a lot of their time with Carson Guns and see it as their Community Service. They want to give back to the sport and spread the enjoyment and accomplishment that the shooting sports can bring. Their goal is to help novice shooters become safe, knowledgeable and competent gun owners.