Training Counselors are the pinnacle of NRA training programs. They train NRA Instructors, who in turn, teach and train new shooters. There are currently a limited # of active Training Counselors. All T.C’s have gone through the NRA Curriculum and are the only ones authorized to train NRA Instructors.

To become a NRA Training Counselor, you must be a current NRA Instructor in good standing, and have met certain NRA standards. Once accepted, TC candidates are invited to a NRA Training Counselor Development workshop, where they undergo a comprehensive training program that covers how to facilitate and teach those interested in becoming NRA Instructors.

Topics covered include the roles and responsibilities of a Training Counselor, NRA policies and procedures to maintain NRA training standards, and how to conduct a course on training experienced shooters to become NRA Certified Instructors.

Only those who display the required qualifications, knowledge, skills and attitude are appointed as an NRA Training Counselor.